Monday, March 2, 2009

Grown up Furniture

For the first time in all our married years we finally have some grown-up furniture!
John bought me (us) a new couch for Valentine's Day!
Our former couches, while extremely comfortable, were completely falling apart. The kids loved them because we let them jump, climb, roll, etc.. all over them. They also used all the pillows to make forts. One of my neighbors said, "You're living room looks like a model home." How sweet!

This gorgeous armoire is something I had ALWAYS wanted to have but never was able to. My dear friend Emily gave it to us about a year ago. It's my favorite piece of furniture.

These incredibly soft chairs were from my friends Gina and Becca. Everytime I see them I think of those gals. We tried to get a couch that would match the wood on these chairs.

I LOVED the detailed scroll work on our couch. The kids actually cried when we cut up and threw away our old couches and cushions. BROTHER!!!!

The matching tables were from my friend Marybeth. It's so special to me to have beautiful things from so many of my friends. It makes my house feel warm and full of love. Everytime I see these pieces I remember my friends.


Catherine said...

Looks absolutely amazing Jen, and SO sophisticated!!

Jayme Solomon said...

Love it! It does look so grown up.