Sunday, September 28, 2008

18 month-life crisis

What happened to my sweet little boy? Last month he was friendly, fun-loving, and happy but once he turned 18 months it's like another person entered his body - a scowling, whining, miserable little gollum creature. I don't know if it's the eye teeth that take FOREVER to come up or just a phase in a new era. (I can't remember going through this drastic change with my other kids.) I sure wish he'd get over whatever IT is so we could all smile more.

BEFORE 18 months

AFTER 18 months

Too much TV

Ok, we've had cable for the whole summer (which we never had before) and I only let my kids watch a few things. One of them is our favorite show Design On A Dime (HGTV 2-3pm). The girls and I love to watch that. It inspires us to clean the house and "accessorize" and make it look "warm and inviting". These are the kinds of words that come out of my girls' mouths after 3 months of watching this show. They know which color schemes work and when a designer really bombs. They love to "design" rooms in our apartment. It's a crack-up to hear them talk about this stuff.
Anyway, the other day we were watching it and another weight loss commercial came on. This time it was Alli (a pill to help you lose weight). So after the commercial Marina says to me (she's 5), "Mom, if I grow up fat, I'm going to go on Nutri System, not this Alli stuff."
All summer they would tell me new and indispensable products that I NEEDED to get like the aqua plant bulbs ("But Mom, you won't have to water your plants for 14 days!") and OxyClean ("it gets the stains right out") and Lysol cleaning products ("You really need that Mom.") They make me laugh, but I definitely think it's time to disconnect the cable! =)

Thursday, September 25, 2008


My 3 year old has become obsessed with Batman of late. (I think his friend a few doors down had something to do with it.) He saw Landon with a Batman mask on and he wanted one desperately. After bugging me about it for nearly a month we searched all the stores I could think of to find a Batman mask. Finally we found one at Toys R' Us. He put it on as soon as we got in the car. He wore it all day long, no matter where we went, and the next day, even while playing soccer in his Brazilian Club jersey. The thing was dripping with sweat but he would not expose his secret identity. Of course, like any good super hero's mom - I let him keep the mask on (except for eating-which would get rather messy).

Engaged Couple

This month I had the opportunity to photograph this newly engaged couple. They were such great sports about being dragged all over town and smiling until their faces hurt. It was fun for me because they are such gorgeous people!


September is a month of beginnings even though we're nearly through the year. It's a time to readjust schedules; start new classes, projects, ministries... all the time thinking of the Holiday Season which is just around the corner - it gets very crazy busy. But there's still time for fun!

(the boys goofing off)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


September 24, 2008

Castle Dreams is an inspiration from my darling, imaginative girls. They love to play dress-up and pretend they're princesses and mermaids and any other ultra feminine character. In their creative world, you can BE whoever you want to be and you can DO whatever you wish to do and no matter how messy your room is it can still be a fantastical castle - if you simply imagine it so.

If only that were the case in real life... but why not?! I have a long list of "dreams" I'd love to see happen someday. It's time for me to stop whistling and start working. So, I'll keep on hoping for my dreams to come true; cause remember, "no matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing, the dream that you wish, will come true." (Disney's Cinderella - my all time favorite)

My Princesses