Sunday, September 28, 2008

18 month-life crisis

What happened to my sweet little boy? Last month he was friendly, fun-loving, and happy but once he turned 18 months it's like another person entered his body - a scowling, whining, miserable little gollum creature. I don't know if it's the eye teeth that take FOREVER to come up or just a phase in a new era. (I can't remember going through this drastic change with my other kids.) I sure wish he'd get over whatever IT is so we could all smile more.

BEFORE 18 months

AFTER 18 months


Joanna's Journey said...

Hey sis - I LOVE it! So glad you finally joined the world of technology. =)
By the way, you chose the same page design I did for mine! Great minds think alike, eh? =)
Love ya!
Hugs to the kids, even the 'stinky' ones. =)

Count Your Blessings said...

I experienced this with all of mine. Except for Ryan... he's just been a pill from birth! Ha.

ksgleeson said...

Okay--he is just TOO cute. :) I'm so excited that you have a BLOG! It's's addicting too! Love you!