Monday, February 9, 2009

365 project

At the beginning of 2009 I was pumped, anticipating doing this scrapbooking/photojournaling idea called 365 Project: you take a picture every day to help you remember what you did each month and all the little details about your daily life, and to help improve photography skills. I did great in January (hitting and missing once in a while, but then I'd make up for it by taking 8-10 photos in one day). Now it's already the second week of Feb and I think I've maybe taken 3 pictures. All that excitement just went FLOP! Honestly though, I run out of interesting things to document. My life feels so mundane and rote sometimes. I love it; it's mine; but maybe not interesting enough to take 29-31 pictures every month.

Railroad Hat

I found this great "railroad" hat at Target and it worked out perfectly for Morgan's Urban shoot. We went to the railroad station and an abandoned building. I'm so taken by how handsome he is- the twinkle in his eye and his reckless smile.

LOVE the tongue sticking out - so HIM

Gourmet Food

So tonight we had gourmet rice (anything different than plain white rice) and this is how the dinner conversation went:
kids: "What are we eating? EW, what's this? This looks yucky!"
dad: "it's bettle butts and magget heads, eat it."
kids: "Yuck, we can't eat that."
dad: " look, here's some caterpillar eyebrows, yum"
Magnuson: "can't eat it, yuck"
Girls: "dad what is it really?"
Mom: "it's rice and legumes, it's fine"
Morgan: "goons!!!, what's goons, I can't eat goons dad"
Yah, so much for a gourmet, interesting conversation filled, NICE dinner!