Monday, February 9, 2009

Gourmet Food

So tonight we had gourmet rice (anything different than plain white rice) and this is how the dinner conversation went:
kids: "What are we eating? EW, what's this? This looks yucky!"
dad: "it's bettle butts and magget heads, eat it."
kids: "Yuck, we can't eat that."
dad: " look, here's some caterpillar eyebrows, yum"
Magnuson: "can't eat it, yuck"
Girls: "dad what is it really?"
Mom: "it's rice and legumes, it's fine"
Morgan: "goons!!!, what's goons, I can't eat goons dad"
Yah, so much for a gourmet, interesting conversation filled, NICE dinner!

1 comment:

marybeth said...

Sorry, should we just stick to the plain white rice next time????