Monday, February 9, 2009

365 project

At the beginning of 2009 I was pumped, anticipating doing this scrapbooking/photojournaling idea called 365 Project: you take a picture every day to help you remember what you did each month and all the little details about your daily life, and to help improve photography skills. I did great in January (hitting and missing once in a while, but then I'd make up for it by taking 8-10 photos in one day). Now it's already the second week of Feb and I think I've maybe taken 3 pictures. All that excitement just went FLOP! Honestly though, I run out of interesting things to document. My life feels so mundane and rote sometimes. I love it; it's mine; but maybe not interesting enough to take 29-31 pictures every month.


gutmanfam said...

I can relate. Not to the project 365 - I'd never be that ambitious - but to feeling a little too mundane to take pictures. I think I've taken 3 pictures since Christmas, except for Bethany's birthday! Maybe we'll have to get the kids together again so we can create something exciting to photograph!

Ryan, Kelli, Kiana and Madison Gleeson said...

You can do it Jen...don't loose heart. Look around at your "mundane" things. What are things you want to remember.....? The breakfast you make your kids...the inside of your car, your favorite "treat"......! I'm STILL waiting for my silly kit.....AHHHHHHH! :)