Sunday, September 28, 2008

Too much TV

Ok, we've had cable for the whole summer (which we never had before) and I only let my kids watch a few things. One of them is our favorite show Design On A Dime (HGTV 2-3pm). The girls and I love to watch that. It inspires us to clean the house and "accessorize" and make it look "warm and inviting". These are the kinds of words that come out of my girls' mouths after 3 months of watching this show. They know which color schemes work and when a designer really bombs. They love to "design" rooms in our apartment. It's a crack-up to hear them talk about this stuff.
Anyway, the other day we were watching it and another weight loss commercial came on. This time it was Alli (a pill to help you lose weight). So after the commercial Marina says to me (she's 5), "Mom, if I grow up fat, I'm going to go on Nutri System, not this Alli stuff."
All summer they would tell me new and indispensable products that I NEEDED to get like the aqua plant bulbs ("But Mom, you won't have to water your plants for 14 days!") and OxyClean ("it gets the stains right out") and Lysol cleaning products ("You really need that Mom.") They make me laugh, but I definitely think it's time to disconnect the cable! =)

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MillerFamily said...

And they say TV is bad for our kids!!! How are you? It is so good to see you and your family. If you need to "keep up" with people you have to go on Facebook. Paul just signed us up and we have found people from high school, college, Cali. It's so crazy! Try it! We have a blog but have not up dated it in a year and a half!!! We suck!