Monday, March 2, 2009

My baby

This Thursday my baby will no longer be the baby, Magnuson is turning 2! Watch out world!
He is such a fun little guy. His vocabulary and conversational skills are incredible. He is a big goof and laughs all the time. I love his little feet and baggie jeans; I love his giggle; I love the mole on his belly; I love how he says, "yes mommy".

He's been singing "Happy birthday to me, chacha" all day today cause we were out shopping for his party. It's a dog theme cause he LOVES dogs!
I will sure miss the little boy stage. But hopefully, he'll always be my cuddly Boo.

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Jayme Solomon said...

Cute toes! :) Isn't it sad when their creamy baby skin turns into big boy skin with scabs and bruises?