Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The nose un-picker

(yep, there they are)

I think our little Marina is the only little kid in the whole wide world who HATES to pick her nose. She makes a lot of little boogies but whenever we tell her to clean it out she cries (seriously) and says,"I don't want to. It's gross!" and makes such a fuss. I asked her the other day why she hated it so much and told her that most kids don't have a problem at all (my other two certainly don't). I'm tired of the fuss. So the other day John was dealing with it and I overheard him say,"It's your nose. You're little body is making all these bugars so YOU need to clean them out." So matter of fact - leave it up to daddy.

(the face of not wanting to clean out her nose)

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