Monday, October 27, 2008

"Fall" Costumes

In our family we don't celebrate Halloween, but the kids love to dress up in costumes all the time, so we take pictures of them in their "Fall" costumes.
the (barefoot) cheerleader

the fairy

Monkey Mo



ksgleeson said...

OH MY GOSH---your little "frogman" is SOOO cute. GREAT SHOTS!!!

Jayme Solomon said...

So cute!

Melinda Cassol said...

I found your blog!!! How are you? Oh my gosh, your kids are so big, I can't believe it! They are all adorable! You can check out our blog if you want, lots of pictures! Hope you guys are doing well. I will add your blog to my favorites so I can keep looking!
Melinda Cassol (Evans) :)

Joanna's Journey said...

What really cute and wonderful children you have! They must have great genes. :-) Anyway, i love looking at all the pics. THANKS!