Monday, November 17, 2008

Keep Your Hand on Your Gun

John is really big into these Spaghetti Westerns and the cheesy music that comes with them. He has an entire Ennio Moricone collection of all the spaghetti western music one could want. (I'm telling you, it would be a slow and torturous death for me, to have to listen to the whole album.) But, the girls have gotten into it. They love to do dancing and prancing to the Indian music and the low crooning of the cowboys. Since John sings only a few lines of these songs they only recognize a few lines. Well, the other day someone had sneaked the CD into our player and when I went to listen to some music, thinking it would be soothing Worship songs like Chris Tomlin or Selah I was greeted with the following:
dududuh-dudu-dududuh-dududuh - "Keep your hand on your gun." - dududh-dudu-dududuh-
"Don't you trust anyone...." and Marina was in the kitchen and she says, "Mom, is that dad singing that?"

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