Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Blood Juice

As most of you know John is a BIG tease. He especially likes to tease the kids. He makes up silly names for things like piddler-waps and booger-flaps. He also renames a lot of food items such as, milk = cow juice, water = cloud juice. So last night he poured himself some V8 juice (which comes in the same kind of bottle as apple juice), and the girls asked him what he was drinking. Naturally, he said, "It's blood juice." So Morgan goes (in his gravely but at the same time squeaky, barely understandable voice), "Gwoch, Dah, hoo put bluh in ouw appa joosh. Dat diguhting! I not goyng to dwink dah bluh..." he went on and on as only a 3 yr old can.


Richard said...
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Richard said...

ahahahahah.. reminds me when one or more of my kids used to say .. 'that's disgust-ging' ... hahahah

Mark Solomon said...


Bluh juice is kind of like blah juice... so I guess it's kind of better than tomato juice! LOL
Shoulda had a v8 instead ;)